A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The real questions are, how long ago and how far away?

You awake with the sickening feeling that always comes with being secured in “perfect hibernation.” As you begin to get your vision back, you look around and realize you don’t recognize your surroundings, though it will be a few days before you can really see clearly. The only thing you’re fairly certain of is you’re in the abandoned trophy gallery of some unknown Hutt. Furniture is tossed around and a thick layer of dust covers everything.

It hurts to keep your eyes open, but you fight through the pain and look up to see a shadow cast by your former tomb; a carbonite prison hanging on the wall like a piece of art.

You close your eyes to ease the pain when you hear a thump. Sounds like someone else just fell off the wall…

In this adventure, each character wakes up a former prisoner trapped in carbonite and owned by a now-dead Hutt. Who were you when you were frozen? How long were you frozen? What year is it? Where are you? Is there an empire? A republic?

Players can play any class from any time period in the books as this campaign takes place in the far future, now that the power backups on the carbonite caskets have failed.

Faction-wise, the group can end up working with a different faction, but you all begin as “underworld” or “unaligned” if you prefer.

Carbonite Dreams

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