Farrel Din

Hired Gun / Bodyguard.


Str: 3
Agi: 4
Int: 2
Cun: 2
Wil: 2
Pre: 2

Athlethics: 1
Discipline: 1
Perception: 1
Pilot (pl): 1
Resilience: 1
Vigilance : 1
Brawl : 1
Gunnery : 1
Melee : 0
Ranged (L): 1
Ranged (H): 2

Hard Headed
Body Guard


Farrel a stocky Cathar of average height, about 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Despite his sturdy appearance, he moves with a dancer’s, or perhaps athlete’s grace. The Cather race look vaguely like humanoid cat people, Farrel is otherwise nondescript. Watching him closely, you can see he regularly scans the room and always has an edge of tension, as if waiting for something to happen.

Born in a time when Jedi were plentiful, he saw many of his friends become force sensitive and head off to train in the ways of the Jedi. As force sensitivity is a common trait of the Cathar, he patiently awaited the time when he too would feel the force around him. Soon play turned into martial practice and as years passed without any signs of feeling…it he became disheartened and bitter. Throwing himself into the rigors of physical training, he became determined to make his mark on the Great Tree another way. After a exceptionally close call on a “Blood Hunt” where a kiltik nearly took off an arm, he resigned himself to his fate of being “just another” member of his tribe. While he still has visions of getting his name on the Great Tree, he ventured off world to find his own way.

He soon found that he was a fairly effective bodyguard, even though he was fairly unclear on some of the concepts of subtlety and tact that the job sometimes requires. For example, he consistently opts for a heavy blaster rifle instead of concealable hold out pistol to protect his client. He figures that grenades, being small, are ideal of concealing, not firearms.

He’s still not sure whether his carbonite freeze was in response for doing his job so well, or if it may have been that one time where there MAY have been a little bit of collateral damage in pursuit of securing his most recent package.

Still fairly bitter about the subject of the force, especially his lack of it, Jedi are viewed with begrudged respect. While he may not be the most strong-willed of the bunch, he is loyal…ish.

Farrel Din

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