Gath Mord

Givin weapons dealer on the Outer Rim


Species: Givin

Career: Technician
Specialization: Outlaw Tech

Soak: 0 Wounds: 14 Strain: 12 Defense: 0/0

Characteristics: Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 4, Cunning 2, Willpower 2, Presence 2

Skills: Astrogation(Int) 1, Computers(Int) 1, Mechanics(Int) 2, Perception(Cun) 1, Pilot – Planet(Ag) 1, Streetwise(Cun) 1, Surveillance(Int) 1, Ranged – Light(Int) 1, Education(Int) 1, Underworld(Int) 1

Talents: Researcher (pg. 97), Tinkerer (pg. 100), Utinni! (pg. 100)

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (Ranged – Light, Damage: 6, Range: Medium, Crit: 3, Stun Setting), Datapad, Commlink, Tool Kit

Motivation: Ambition (Expertise)
Obligations: Betrayal (Magnitude 10)

Total XP: 130, Available XP: 30


Gath Mord never made a mistake. Working as a military engineer on Yag’Duhl for the Defensive Algorithm core, Gath was trusted with the complex targeting calculations for one of the planet’s orbital defense stations. Gath was proud of his work, and well-respected amongst the station’s crew. He was well on his way to becoming a Prime Calculator for the Defensive Algorithm.

No one knew for sure how the defense cannons misfired. Gath suspected it was the fault of the station commander’s son assigned to the cannon crew, a young Givin who barely grasped the concept of hyper-differential calculus, let alone sub-space vector targeting. Regardless, when a Corellian trade ship ends up plummeting down to your planet from an unwarranted blaster cannon round, someone has to take the blame.

Protecting his son from the fallout of the event, the station commander placed the blame squarely on Gath as the Alpha Computationalist for the misfired system. Insulted and infuriated by the accusation, Gath denied all charges levied against him. In the end, Gath’s arguments mattered little to the Defensive Algorithm’s judiciaries, and Gath was discharged from service.

Gath found it difficult to continue working in the Yag’Duhl system. Once word of the incident spread, regardless of the truth, few Givins were willing to give Gath a second chance. Dejected and embittered, Gath bartered passage with a sympathetic Duros trader named Kamos Daal traveling to the Outer Rim.

With a little help from Kamos, Gath started a new life on the Outer Rim as a weapons dealer. With the high frequency of gang violence on the Hutt-controlled planet, Gath never wanted for clientele. In time Gath earned a reputation on the planet for his high-quality weapons. He became known as, “The Reaper”, speaking both to the lethality of his goods as well as his macabre racial physiology.

Unfortunately, Gath’s luck caught up with him once again with an arms deal gone bad. A shipment of weapons designed by Gath and en route to a Hutt were saboraged by a rival crimelord. The faulty weapons were blamed on Gath, who soon had Hutt bounty hunters after him. The last thing Gath remembered was being trapped in what suspiciously looked like a carbonite freezing chamber…

Kamos Daal: Kamos was one of the few people Gath found willing to give him a second chance when he was down on his luck. With the Duros’ natural mind for mathematical computations and love of spacecraft design, Kamos was also one of the few non-Given species Gath could relate to on the Outer Rim.

Nidru Klav: Nidru worked with Gath in the Defensive Algorithm core. Trusting in Gath’s word, Nidru was one of the few Givins to support Gath when he was accused of the cannon misfire incident. When the outcome was decided and Gath was discharged from service, Nidru was demoted but still allowed to keep her position aboard the space station. Gath always appreciated Nidru’s support and his one regret in his travels to the Outer Rim was leaving her behind.

Gath Mord

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